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Climate Sites at extract carefully curated topical information from the Climate Web, the closest thing to a collective climate intelligence existing today. Incorporating the work of thousands of experts across hundreds of topics, if there is an answer to tackling climate change it’s probably in the Climate Web!

While the Climate Web is open-access and easy to learn, its size and scope can be intimidating at first. Climate Sites offer a more familiar visual interface through which to explore key climate topics and materials from the Climate Web. Climate Sites also help you in better undertstanding the Climate Web itself.

A number of public Climate Sites are listed below.

  • (introducing all the micro-sites)

  • Climate Micro-Sites (one page issue briefs for key climate change topics)

  • COP 26 (pulling together key materials and resources to help you anticipate what will be a huge climate event in November, 2021)

  • New and Exciting (soliciting your suggestions of what’s new and exciting when it comes to tackling climate change; we’ll integrate them into the Climate Web)

  • Climate Web Overview (deliving a basic overview of the structure and capabilities Climate Web - a video companion is coming soon)

  • Recent Climate News (materials recently added to the Climate Web)

  • Climate Change via Quotes (quotes that help explore why climate change has been so difficult to tackle)

  • Climate Change via Videos (help exploring the more than 3,000 videos organized in the Climate Web)

  • Individuals Tackling Climate Change DRAFT (how can individuals best contribute to climate change mitigation?)

  • Reducing Your Footprint DRAFT (options for reducing your personal or corporate carbon footprint, and zeroing in on what matters)

  • Post-Trump Climate Action (what will a Biden Presidency do to tackle climate change given the mixed results of the 2020 election?)

  • Carbon Offsets 101 (an entry-level exploration of the idea behind and the implementation of carbon offsets)

  • Carbon Offsets Round 2 (exploring whether voluntary offset markets can and should grow dramatically in order to help achieve global climate targets)

  • What’s the Problem with Voluntary Offsets (conversations over voluntary offsets are proliferating. It would be useful to be clear on what’s being said)

  • CliFi - Climate Fiction (helping you explore this new genre and the role it could play in tackling climate change)

  • Climate Chess (an introduction to the ultimate planetary board game, which we would argue represents the best opportunity for successfully tackling climate change)

  • Business Climate Change Due Diligence (an overview of the surprises that a business due diligence review of climate risks and opportunities might suggest)

  • Bibliography - Corporate Purpose (helps you explore what to expect of companies when it comes to tackling wicked problems like climate change)

  • Bibliography - Systemic Risk (helps you explore the rapidly expanding conversation of systemic climate risk)

  • Your Climate Change MBA (introduces a specialized knowledge product that covers everything you need to know for business decision-making on climate change)

  • Your Climate Change PhD (introduces a specialized knowledge product that covers what you might want to know to most effectively tackle climate change)

  • Your Climate Change Research Department (explore the ways you can take utilize the Climate Web as an internal research department to advance your organization’s business and climate objectives)

  • The Climatographers (provides you with access to publications and other resources not available at the Climatographers’ (standard website).

Note that we can structure a Climate Site to address almost any climate-related topic or question. If you have ideas about how Climate Sites could support your work, be in touch!

If you value our work in helping you to explore climate change through the Open-Access Climate Web and these public Climate Sites, consider supporting our Patreon project. We thank you! And sign up for our Climate Web updates.

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