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Scientists started raising the “climate alarm” more than 50 years ago. Unfortunately, climate change has proven to be a wicked problem. That said, a huge number of people are working on the problem, and an amazing amount of knowledge currently exists for understanding, mitigating, and adapting to climate change.

The Climatographers built the Climate Web to facilitate access to the actionable climate knowledge needed by individuals, companies, and policy-makers for tackling the entire "wicked problem" of climate change. The Climate Web is the closest thing today to a collective climate intelligence, and if there is an answer to climate change it’s probably in the Climate Web!. Based on the work of thousands of experts, it allows you to explore hundreds of climate topics from A (attribution) to Z (zika) through more than 100,000 climate change information building blocks linked together in more than 250,000 ways.

While the Climate Web is open-access, its size and scope can be intimidating at first glance (even though its learning curve is actually very short). Micro-sites offer an alternative way to explore topics and materials in the Climate Web. Climate change micro-sites extract carefully curated information from the Climate Web, and can be customized to specific questions and needs.

Climate Micro-Sites are a project of the Climatographers, developers of the Climate Web. Explore existing Micro-Sites, and options for developing your own Micro-Sites, through the links at right.


Contact us here with your feedback and suggestions, and to discuss how micro-sites could advance your climate change objectives. If you value our work on the Climate Web and micro-sites like this one, sign up to stay informed, and consider supporting our Patreon Project.

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